Tom Everhart at museum opening. Make It Stop Featured at CMATO Show
Everhart's paintings being chosen by a museum for their walls is always exciting. But this particular museum show stands alone as something special. And we wanted to share it with you. (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Sleepover Homies
The 'Sleepover Homies' are based on a trip away with several dozen friends and the difference it made just in one day, from morning to night.. (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Partly Cloudy
I have wanted for many years to create works that share their brilliance but didn't want to produce the same old sky landscape paintings that are still so common and offer nothing to learn. So, with Sparky's (Charles Schulz) character of the flying ace, I found the perfect vehicle to present and demonstrate their beauty and power.(more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Wearing Jim Dine
Like many others, I've always understood that there were more important reasons for making art than just art world approval. Nonetheless, from the beginning I couldn't' help but wonder how uncomfortable the fit was going to be in the very small art world's established taste of what art was at the time. (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Bubble Baths
It seems very much like the world is one big round bubble bath comprised of an endless amount of smaller bubbles that we each all live in. Within these bubbles, a meaningful expression through which the personality of the person and the broad outlook of a group are visibly similar... (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Tahitian Hipsters
The 'Tahitian Hipster' paintings were produced in Tahiti on my dream-like open-air studio deck that sits 6 feet above a shallow lagoon 100 yards off shore. So the work had to be visually about the Tahitian Hipster. (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Coup D'etat
When I first saw Sparky (Charles M. Schulz) draw, roughly in pencil and then finally in India ink, that beautiful struggle between his characters of Snoopy and Linus over his security blanket, I told him that it had a quality and meaningful expression through which the personality felt like some kind of a coup d’état event. (more)
  Snoozing In My Big Black Boot by Tom Everhart Snoozing In My Big Black Boot
Sparky's (Charles Schulz) original drawing from his strip that was used for the visual object matter originally incorporated his character of Rerun, Linus's little brother. But as I deconstructed and reconstructed his drawing, I replaced his character of Rerun with his slightly larger character of Linus. (more)
  Cracking Up by Tom Everhart, Snoop and Charlie brown in winter coats Cracking Up
"Cracking Up", is a topographical autobiography of the beginning of the 21st century. In terms of a subject matter, the work consists of a self-portrait conveying my way of seeing them in the act of cracking up. (more)
  Rocco and Roll by Tome Evehart. Linus dancing I've Got Ants In My Pants (and I Need To Dance) portfolio
Nine years of this inspiration later after we first met in 1980, I was given a maximum of two years to live. With ants still very much in my pants, I knew I needed to immediately make this new art before it was too late. (more)
  Water Lilies by Tome Everhart. Snoopy happy dance Water Lilies
Once the dance drawings references of Sparky’s character of Snoopy were worked into the lagoon sections of the paintings, they appeared to dance on the surface of the water much like water lilies. And that became a reference back to the "Nympheas" of Claude Monet’s series of “Water Lilies” in the Orangerie of the Tuileries, in Paris, which had occupied much of the final year of my art academia studies. (more)
  Surfing with Franze and Willem by Tome Everhart. Snoopy surfing a wave. Surfing With Franz And Willem
"Surfing with Franz and Willem" was produced in black and white because it was the first work of the series and represents beginnings. Not only were my large-scale paintings always begun in black and white paint, but they were usually blow-ups of very small black and white sketches. (more)
  Opening Night by Tom Evehart. Shoopy in a nest with Woodstocks. Opening Night
my most special opening night was the one that opened my eyes and mind to a new way of seeing line standing alone as more of a painting. I'm of course referring to the late dark night in my studio, shortly before meeting my friend, Sparky, (Charles M Schulz), (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite I've Got Ants In My Pants
It's as if James Brown was screaming his lyrics “I Got Ants In My Pants and I Need To Dance", soon after day one of my inspirational 20 year relationship with my friend Charles M. Schulz. Although in my mind, instead of "I Need To Dance", I was hearing, "I need to make new art". (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Maxi Taxi
Shortly after our introduction, we sat in his studio drawing lines in sets of three identical lines. He was demonstrating that no lines, in each set of three looked the same. That the eye sees and thinks about each line in a new way. This concept of seeing the same thing in a new way became the foundation for the twenty-six years of my visual articulation ultimately influenced by the strategies of process in his linework. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Dogg E Paddle
Paddling in the crystal clear white sand lagoon in French Polynesia would be the obvious concept for a body of work created on a small motu (small island) in Tahiti. But for me, it works much more directly as an analogy of the various visual formulations that have articulated the fundamental feeling of being alive that my work has been built on since it's very beginning. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Performance Art
Moreover, both of the Snoopys in "Performance Art" are the result of the "Third Mind". In Sparky’s early drawings of Snoopy standing on his hind legs, he was usually seated in a relaxed position on his legs with flat feet. I modeled the two Snoopys after a good friend's dog named, Mick, who can stand on his toes, in a perfectly upright position, for an extraordinarily long amount of time while performing. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Everhart Reflects On Super Bad
Throughout the 25 years of visual Schulz-like subject matter, the soul of the work has had to grow through always seeing the making of painting in a new way in order to remain alive. Like the 70s funk music that this work was created with and named after, "I got soul and I'm SuperBad" (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Motu Homies - Hello From Tahiti
In 2006, six years after first arriving in French Polynesia a small tree honoring the occasion of my marriage was planted on our "motu" (Tahitian word for island) at the waters edge next to the pier that overwater bungalow studio sits on. As a souvenir I have been using the leaf from the tree as a canvas to create a mission landscape upon for those "homies" that I have met along the way. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite My Homie Ace
Arriving at such a place is something Everhart shares with his once mentor and close friend Charles Schulz. By the mid 60's, Schulz had earned a similar creative license through the peaking success of Peanut's. Once there he was able to freely explore. Out of this time came some of the best work he would ultimately produce. And, for his fans, one the most cherished being Snoopy's alter ego, the World War One Flying Ace. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Puff Doggy Dog
From the moment when a young artist picks up that first pencil, crayon or chalk to make their mark; the search for their own creative voice has begun. Along the way there will be no signposts or maps that will lead them. Typically, the only guide is their own instinct. For Everhart, that search in his early years took him to many places; New Haven, Washington DC, Baltimore, Paris and of course New York. But, despite his deep, East Coast roots, Everhart followed his own inner compass, and it pulled him to the West. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite Everhart welcomed by Met Life, as the guest of honor at the launch of new HQ
Around every corner, down every hall, in every open space, attendees at MetLife's ribbon cutting event were greeted by grand scale representations of Everhart's paintings. This makes it the largest installation of Everhart's artwork, to date. (more)
  Tom Evererhart's Starry Starry Light suite EVERHART PAINTS A STORY OF LIGHT AND FRIENDSHIP
In each of the four paintings Tom has reflected on a different set of friends who come to visit him and Jenny at their island home perched at the end of a pier. Each is represented by a fitting peanuts character. Woodstock stands in for their American friends, Lucy with herolive black hair for their island friends, Charlie brown with his bald head for their French friends, and finally Snoopy, singularly representing Tom and Jenny themselves. (more)
  Snoopy as Big Poppa painted by Tom Everhart Tom Everhart's Big Poppa
Like most of Everhart's paintings, Big Poppa is the result of many layers of thought and inspiration, beginning with Einstein's crystalized observation that creativity, inspiration, and even genius, comes from the moments when you step away from your "work" and let your mind relax and wander. We see this very thing happening in this painting, as Snoopy has started to drift to the side and enter into his own state of relaxation. (more)
  Tom Everhart painting Homie Dreams Everhart Featured On NBC's Today Show
From the beginning we knew this was going be something much bigger then your normal morning segment, when we were told that their national correspondent Jamie Gangel claimed this story for her own. In addition to Jamie's owns connection to Everhart's art as a longtime fan, she was also the very last journalist to interview Charles Schulz for television. (more)
  Snoopy in Does This Make Me look Fat painted by Tom Everhart Does This Make Me Look Fat?
Schulz thought the idea was radical. "And it was," Everhart adds. But this was the whole thinking behind Everhart's pursuit, and Schulz' vision for him to carry forth his creations into an entirely new context of fine art expression. That it would be, as Everhart calls it, "doing the same thing, but entirely different." (more)
  Tom Everhart painting Homie Dreams Homie Dreams
It has been said that artists spend their whole lives trying get back to that place because children are the pure artists. That is why the Peanuts characters are the perfect muses for Tom Everhart's profound reflection on creativity and artistic inspiration in his Homie Dreams. (more)
  Tom Everhart and Limelight Agency proofing prints Superfly, So Much More Then A Painting
While Tom paints in front of their home, his wife Jennifer will often begin her day with a splash as she jumps off from their dock and disappears into the water for hours. And, as Tom works at his easel under the equatorial sun, he often imagines her journey into a color filled paradise - a world where she dives from the top of waterfalls into deep clear lagoons, awash in bright translucent colors, where the tropical heat, itself, seems to drip from the sky above. (more)